Sudo Run Read/Write 2020

I am not a voracious reader who dwells in books, the number of books I have read after college would be in single digits.

This new year I received 2 books as a gift from my beloved team at FORGE Accelerator, The books were curated with specific outcomes and I really wanted to take this chance to develop reading as a habit.

A few months back we had a Burnout Audit done by Dorai Thodla who recommended Rework by Basecamp to help me restructure my way of work to achieve efficiency. Atomic Habits by James Clear was one from my new year gift.

These two books really had what I wanted. First, the routines and way I work needed an upgrade, for which I was in need to let go of some practices that I was following, then develop new ones.

I am writing this post out of sheer excitement of what a gift can deliver and the drive it has created for me. Writing/blogging was another habit I wanted to develop, hence this post as an initiative. I guess developing an affinity towards reading books and identifying a good hobby rather than extended screentime in the night provided me with a lot of benefits in the past few days.